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2011-06-07 20:10:00 by CaptainJohnny

I encourage you guys to check my art out, criticize it, tell your friends, and I'm willing to do free commissions too just PM me (I'm not promising anything but there's a good chance that I will).


2010-01-07 19:02:21 by CaptainJohnny

Ive been working on an animation lately but feel like i need to take a break from it. Is there anything anyone wants to see me draw or animate? Also, if your a programmer not currently working with an artist and would be interested in working with me let me know...



2009-12-30 23:02:31 by CaptainJohnny

I just submitted my first game and was wondering if there are any programmers out there who have a game idea but no artist because I'd be glad to help. I finished my game but struggled with the code so let me know if i can help you. Check out my game if you want and tell me what you think.